May 19, 2020 Other Local Oregon Races

Oregon voters guide for county commissioners and local elections

The following are our ratings and recommendations for the May 19, 2020 primary races for Oregon seats other than:

This list currently only includes county commission races but we would love to add city council and other important elections.

We recognize there are MANY races all around the state so every race may not be represented. 

We listed races where there is at least one candidate in the race we are aware of where one candidate deserved at least four stars or if a candidate's priorities are so off that they deserve zero stars.

If there a race we don't have that you want included?
Please email us at

Candidates are scored on a zero - five star scale (zero stars = wrong priorities/not supported and five stars = right priorities, will support issues important to us). Read more about what was considered when setting the rating here.

This is a living, updateable document. If you have information about a candidate listed as unknown, please reach out to us at to let us know more about them!

Mayoral Races
City of Portland Mayor
Sarah Iannarone
Teressa Raiford
Michael O'Callaghan
Bruce Broussard
Cash Blanco Carter
Ted Wheeler
Ozzie Gonzalez
Willie Banks
Lew Humble
Floyd La Bar
Michael Burleson
Mark White
Michael Jenkins
Beryl McNair
Piper Crowell
Sharon Joy
Jarred Bepristis
Daniel Hoffman
Randy Rapaport
City Commissioner Races
City of Portland Commissioner, position 1
Carmen Rubio
Philip Wolfe
Timothy DuBois
Candace Avalos
Isham Harris
Cullis (James) Autry
Alicia McCarthy
Corinne Patel
Mary Ann Schwab
City of Portland Commissioner, position 2
Jack Kerfoot
Alicea Maurseth
Walter Wesley
Diana Gutman
Loretta Smith
Margot Black
Terry Parker
Julie DeGraw
Cythia Castro
Dan Ryan
Tera Hurst
Sam Chase
Ronault Catalani
Rachelle Dixon
Jeff Lang
James Davis
Aquiles Montas
Ryan Farmer
County Commissioner Races
Columbia County Commissioner, position 1
Margaret Magruder
Wayne Mayo
Tricia Stockwell
Brandee Dudzic
Columbia County Commissioner, position 3
Alex Tardif
Casey Garrett
Jeanne Cornell
Coos County Commissioner, position 4
Lee Byer
Don Gurney
Dale A Pennie
John W Sweet
Clackamas County Commissioner, position 4
Ken Humberston
Mark Shull
Breeauna Sagdal
Clatsop County Commissioner, Position 4
Courtney Bangs
Kathleen Sullivan
Hood River County Commissioner, position 2
Auther Babitz
Paul Henke
Jackson County Commissioner, Position 2
Curt Ankerberg
Dave Dotterrer
Curtis Sather
Robert Bierma
Terrie Martin
Josephine County Commissioner, Position 3
Nathan Seable
Herman Baertschiger Jr.
Yamhill County Commissioner, Position 2
Barbara Boyer
Lindsay Berschauer
David S Wall