May 19, 2020 Oregon Delegation to US Congress & US Senate

Oregon congress and senate races voters guide

The following are our ratings and recommendations for the May 19, 2020 primary races for Oregon delegation seats to the United States Congress and United States Senate.

Candidates are scored on a zero - five star scale (zero stars = wrong priorities/not supported and five stars = right priorities, will support issues important to us). Read more about what was considered when setting the rating here.

This is a living, updateable document. If you have information about a candidate listed as unknown, please reach out to us at to let us know more about them!

US Senate
DistrictName & PartyRating
Republican Candidates
SenateJo Rae Perkins (R)
SenatePaul J Romero Jr (R)
SenateRobert Schwartz (R)
SenateJohn Verbeek (R)
Democratic Candidates
SenateJeff Merkley (D)
US Congress/Representative
DistrictName & PartyRating
Republican Candidates
US CD 1Christopher Christensen (R)
US CD 1Army (Armidia) Murray (R)
Democratic Candidates
US CD 1Ricky Barajas (D)
US CD 1Suzanne Bonamici (D)
US CD 1Heidi Briones (D)
US CD 1Amanda Siebe (D)
DistrictName & PartyRating
Republican Candidates
US CD 2Jason A Atkinson (R)
US CD 2Cliff Bentz (R)
US CD 2Knute C Buehler (R)
US CD 2David R Campbell (R)
US CD 2Glenn Carey (R)
US CD 2Jimmy Crumpacker (R)
US CD 2Travis A Fager (R)
US CD 2Justin Livingston (R)
US CD 2Kenneth W Medenbach (R)
US CD 2Mark R Roberts (R)
US CD 2Jeff Smith (R)
Democratic Candidates
US CD 2Nick (Nik) L Heuertz (D)
US CD 2John P Holm (D)
US CD 2Jack Howard (D)
US CD 2Alex Spenser (D)
US CD 2Chris Vaughn (D)
DistrictName & PartyRating
Republican Candidates
US CD 3Joanna Harbour (R)
US CD 3Tom Harrison (R)
US CD 3Frank Hecker (R)
Democratic Candidates
US CD 3Charles Rand Barnett (D)
US CD 3Earl Blumenauer (D)
US CD 3Matthew S Davis (D)
US CD 3Albert Lee (D)
US CD 3Dane Wilcox (D)
DistrictName & PartyRating
Republican Candidates
US CD 4Nelson Ijih (R)
US CD 4Alek Skarlatos (R)
Democratic Candidates
US CD 4Doyle Elizabeth Canning (D)
US CD 4Peter DeFazio (D)
DistrictName & PartyRating
Republican Candidates
US CD 5G Shane Dinkel (R)
US CD 5Joey Nations (R)
US CD 5Angela Roman (R)
US CD 5Amy Ryan Courser (R)
Democratic Candidates
US CD 5Mark F Gamba (D)
US CD 5Blair G Reynolds (D)
US CD 5Kurt Schrader (D)